c o n c e p t   &   p h i l o s o p h y

Vohky is a unique shoe line that provides handmade footwear for free-spirited women. 

My focus is on creating stylish and versatile sandals, while holding comfort as an utmost priority.

This is achieved by sourcing exquisite materials, including supple Italian leather and virtually

weightless cork wedge heels. They are made in a family-owned workshop in the heart of Alicante, Spain, where the over century-old tradition of shoemaking is still respected and honored.

Vohky, which means spirit in Armenian, aims for a woman to express her 

individuality through (or put her spirit into) how she chooses to strap on the sandals.

Each pair of sandals can be transformed to dozens of looks.

Below are some selected styles:

Different styles are achieved by adjusting the location of the straps

through the stretchy loops on the insoles and around her feet.

Examples of style no. 2 , 9 and 10:

Supplemental leather straps with various colors, textures, and prints are also available, thus offering even more options to design her own unique looks.

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